Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sarah St Vincent Welch - Project 52 – practice, tidying, art

I have a number of themes, possible trajectories, that have developed over 2016. I can’t pick them all up at this stage as I would have lots of files (like Kit) and as I am working towards a Doctorate of Creative Arts (DCA) (part-time) and 2017 and 2018 are my last years, I know I can’t divide my mind too much over too many projects. I was thinking of Project 52 being a place I might capture in poetry/poetic response, my reading for the DCA, and also observations about the practice of the DCA (writing a novel). I have a few poems from Project 366 that are about this practice, about characters, language etc. My reading for the DCA, philosophy, fiction, and just experiential research, like visiting places (the novel is set in Sydney 2013) are also possible. Producing a poem every day (often in desperation) has been my priority in 2016 and keeping up the daily reading of the blog. I have not been in a place to reflect greatly over the last year, but hopefully after January I will be able to reflect more on 2016. This is my beginning thought, but I might change tack and embrace trying to develop a manuscript from Project 366. Sorry guys I am still thinking. But thought I would share the ponderings, emerging plans. More later. As this first week progresses I am starting to also think I may just have to pick up one of the themes of 366 for me to just engage with Project 52, which is about clearing away, my relationship with objects, reading through and responding to Marie Kondo's book, 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.' (It is a beautifully written book, though I will never agree with her about getting rid of books, I can’t do it.) Another idea is to respond to an exhibition or artwork each week, again a practice developed in 2016. I went to the NGV Hockney exhibition yesterday and out of habit from 2016 was compelled to write a poem in response to one of his pieces. So there is my ramble. I am travelling at the moment, also in quite a bit of pain having stirred up my injury, so not as focused as I would like. 

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