Friday, January 6, 2017

Kerri Shying # 3 Pills ( really really light draft)


Maybe you do have
a pill problem   even when

you don’t like to take anything
keeping to those six pills a day and

you wouldn’t like to go  onto something
stronger  not when you saw what it did to Craig  

those Tramal  they stopped working  inside my head

maybe    you could be   a bit more involved
than you give yourself credit for

the quiet carriage broken   rolling out the
back of Cardiff’s houses  see there is no view but you

look   the morning glory   and the RX   no belay
and bell-like clarity   the opportunity for sympathy

has left me  in the time I took that enema to make this here
trip be possible  one among those clustered small

humiliations  traded for a time-out in the world
and there you are   maybe you do have a problem

maybe you don’t    I
say goodbye the Watagans  I strike out

for the Illawarra scarp   you

ignorant of the seat beneath your arse
opine on dosages   lament  Craig’s sad state

sharing wisdom  places you can get a smoke
for free  all the shame is mine  wrestling here inside this

Tree of Life blanket dress  my firmly Buddhist carapace
maybe I do have a problem

 I don’t like to take   what’s here
any more than you do  maybe
 fuck me too


  1. this one's v strong

    not sure if you need the last line though
    but maybe you do ...
    can't think how else yd end though


  2. sorry of course I'd not noticed that it was a really really light draft
    (however I think that you should keep that in the title when yr finished - because it's great!)