Friday, January 20, 2017

Jeff Skewes revised draft 2. #3 My Island

revised draft (2) My Island  - 20 Jan
and + revised image

My island 
from the air 
looks like a fish 
surrounded by seas 
till now never drifted

from my island
in my dreams I pictured
an uncommon certainty
neither barbarous or Utopian
an odyssey that sets free

what lies beyond reach
what gift do I carry?
or ticket conjured
what can I offer
but thirst

not knowing or believing
free spirits soar
high within these airs and eyes
trained beyond obviousness
is a little further

because my island
is like a fish
sailing comes natural
just upside down

the current's a breeze

image: 'Seedsynthetic polymer & enamel paint on stretched canvas,  120 x 100 cm   j skewes

see previous post / versions   here


  1. I like a flying island
    and a cloud capped kingdom too

    1. Yes this vessel island thing... reappears

  2. I like better both revised poem and new picture

    1. Thank you for this reassurance I am much happier now too.