Sunday, January 8, 2017

Kit Kelen - for ataraxia #3 - Alhambra


light trickles where let
and shade flows

everywhere the eye delights

ripple of shadow
from a still pool cast

I have coaxed a cloud here

love as through gates gathered
here to be in the garden

the red house
has a climate for stars
for sauntering moonlight

we sit on cold stone

in the garden
stairs are water running

a mind here for infinity
that is where love grows

how the soil says
one voice lies under another

shade, light etched
each in other

each surface is
a handmade circuit
each arabesque a journey lost
follow and the eye is mazed

thought is a garden
and stairs to the night

all surrender in this place

a bell tolls
in the muezzin's call

a clash of swords

surrender here
black roses for heaven
through the gate of pomegranates
in the place of the cistern
under the tower of wine

my love has come with me
snow has blossomed beyond
high on the peaks

the nightingale among all fountains

in the court of the lions
careless gazelles

time here discomposed

light trickles where let
shade flows
ripples of shadows
cast from a still pool

can you pick apart this blue?

here in the garden
I wait
we are waiting

all of us surrender


  1. I love this - particularly lines 6 - 11.

  2. I really relate the idea of coaxing clouds...

  3. yes but once yv lured them along, what's to do with them?
    that's the trick

  4. Very fine, Kit. Coaxing clouds is a clash of swords.

    I would really like to hear you read this aloud.