Monday, January 2, 2017

Nathanael O'Reilly - Plan for Project 52

I posted daily in July 2016 as a participant in Project 366, and I found the experience of writing daily to be wonderful in many ways. I had never tried to write daily before, being more of a "write when inspiration strikes" kind of poet, and I was pleasantly surprised at my ability to come up with one or more poems per day. However, my day job keeps me way too busy to be able to commit to writing daily all year round, so Project 52 seems like the perfect fit for me. Participating in the project will allow me to write regularly, participate in the writing community, and develop a significant body of work over the year.

I have a new full-length collection of poetry being published in a few months, plus I will be working intensively on a narrowly-focused book-length project while at Booranga in May, so the poems I post here will hopefully become the basis for another book-length manuscript, but one without a predetermined theme or focus. I am simply interested in seeing what emerges over the year - if my past work is any indication, some common themes will definitely emerge, but at this point I want to keep an open mind and I am keen to take my poetry in new directions. My month posting at Project 366 led to a new focus on the present and the immediate, and I suspect posting weekly will have a similar effect. I'm looking forward to sharing the journey with you all.


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