Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Béatrice Machet # 2 (for the beam series)

#2  (for the Beam series)  

this is a revised version of what was posted on 366 Blog  and please 
see the picture to have an idea of what it looks like on my page!

Beam _ Might be of anticipation. A growing stain by contamination By stage by level but slices ///
                                                      __Going further.
                                                                                          A wave train on a skin’s surface. Corporeal effect of a kick: the shock. Then the understanding of what is called irradiation. The inside is freed and spreads itself. Under the eyes the sickle effect. One must read it while penning down and even scribbling  its letters. In the mouth the tongue hardens and the sight triggers. Gun effect. Of shots.

            of pain. Electrifying. Might be a toothache. Throbbing. Violent like the right to live like the right to breath that have been refused. Riotous. Ferocious. Beam of denial. The gums are at war. Two faced grief. Double bounded. Double down on oppressive behavior. Thus contested mainstream spaces about to be stormed. Then a conversation to be set between wounded elements. All of them beaming.

Faisceau d’anticipation. Une tâche par contagion. Par palier par niveau mais tranche. Une avancée. Un train d’ondes à la surface d’une peau. L’effet corporel d’une ruade. Le choc et puis la compréhension de ce qu’on nomme irradiation. Le dedans se dégage. Se répand. Sous les yeux l’effet faucille. Le lire en même temps que l’écrire et même le gribouiller. Dans la bouche la langue se durcit et le regard amorce. Effet fusil. De tirs. Faisceau  
                                                                                                                         de douleur. Electrique. Peut-être une rage de dent. Pulsatile. Violente comme le droit de vivre comme le droit de respirer qui a été refusé. Insurgée. Féroce. Faisceau du déni. Les gencives font la guerre. Chagrin à deux faces. Double lien. Double dose de comportement oppressif. Donc les espaces bien-pensant contestés sont à détruire.  Puis installer une conversation entre les éléments blessés. Tous rayonnants.


  1. so many beams!

    I want Scotty to beam me up!

    actually I think it would be good to start having a discussion about what's possible in each language here and how they bounce off each other in various ways... particularly interesting for Fei and for Chrys ... and for me

  2. Ok I've got my seat belt clicked now :)
    There is so much to like here Beatrice, syntax /// fonts and arrows, the challenged rules, innovation and much, much to consider. I am well affected
    and presently soaking in one of your wonder phrases 'The gums are at war'. I don't know what guidance (if any) or suggestions to make but I'm sure I will be back 4 + .

  3. So many intriguing beams of meaning. Stimulating and thought-provoking. I love it.

  4. Thanks everyone, and to answer Kit's question/comment:


    Second and more seriously:
    Beam in French is either rayon or faisceau , basically, it is just a “ray-thing”, in the shape of a blade or not, as a “wave effect”, it suggests speed, it can even sting, stab and stick into, thus it can be highly surprising, even violent… these words faisceau and/or rayon (and derived words)leave us with little possibility to widen their range of interpretation, ( unless one uses slang French), it has neither the gilder, pole, timber … etc meaning nor the nautical aspect which I didn’t explore here, knowing it would make no sense when trying to translate the text into French.

    Rayonnant, from rayonner means being radiant or emitting in circles ( because rayon means radius of circle as well as spokes of a wheel )

    Does it satisfy your curosity ...? if not I'm always available to try my best in being more precise ... looking forward to reading you dudes!