Saturday, January 28, 2017

Nathanael O'Reilly #4 Alt-Facts Bio

Alt-Facts Bio

My favourite subject at school was physics.
I always wanted to drive a monster truck.

I play the harp, pennywhistle and bodhran.
I keep a rabbit's foot in my pocket for luck.

I am seven feet and three inches tall.
My hair is naturally curly, lustrous and black.

I speak fluent Icelandic, Farsi and Mandarin
and can order beer, ouzo and gyros in Greek.

I ran the Reykjavik marathon in two hours
and twenty minutes, setting a course record.

My first wife was Elle McPherson. We had a good
run, but I traded her in for a newer model.

I scored a triple-century on debut for Australia
during the Boxing Day test at the MCG.

1.5 million people attended my PhD graduation
and gave a forty-five-minute standing ovation.


  1. In the spirit of Trump! This is funny.

  2. I schticked everyone in front of all to see
    had not disorder but a remedy for theirs ...

    Great piece Nathaneal, the temptation to a append a line or two is (too) great.

  3. This really funny and witty, it cheered me up. Thanks Nathanael.

  4. Thanks Jefree and Sarah - glad you got a kick out of it. All are free to add lines or stanzas!

  5. YES! funny! I love this tone, and yes again, it could be continued without being boring! Even though I don't volonteer for it I could come with a line or two someday!

  6. Love it! Yes, the temptation to keep riffing is so strong!