Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Béatrice Machet # 4 (Something series-)

I don’t know yet where this piece will be placed among the other poems of the series, I still have to figure it out… and see the picture so as to have an idea of what it looks like on my page! (inside a labyrinth)

# 4 project 52 Something series 

Some. A certain young girl has fallen. One guesses it’s into a hole—a burrow low enough. Well underneath. There. She has no words for it. She says: some thing percolated with boiling water. One understands that her essence has been dissolved while water ran through it. It doesn’t smell like coffee. Without scent is the waking dream capable of gurgling.  Listening to it creates a steam around your head. No more density to its reality. Yet the sponge quality. A certain young girl has fallen. Behind the mirror some salted waves. Streams of newness. Something is losing her in her own depths so she can find herself. 

Quelque. Une certaine fillette est tombée. On pense que c’est dans un trou un terrier bien bas. Tout en dessous.  Là. Elle n’a pas de mots pour ça. Elle dit : quelque chose traversée par l’eau bouillante. On comprend qu’au passage son essence est dissoute pendant que l’eau la percole. Cela ne sent pas le café. Sans odeur le rêve éveillé capable de gargouiller. L’écouter produit de la vapeur autour de votre tête. Pas plus de densité à sa réalité. Mais la capacité d’une éponge. Une certaine fillette est tombée. Derrière le miroir des vagues salées. Des courants de nouveauté. Quelque chose la perd au profond d’elle-même pour qu’elle puisse mieux se trouver.


  1. hole or burrow?
    very Alice
    but very Bachelard

  2. I like this something of yours.
    Thank you for this visual and concrete version which is preferable to the text only because of the density of ideas, sounds and smells... which I also like. Your wonderful maze or graphic network of meridians sets this piece as a distinct style.
    I can imagine these 'something series' artworks sprinked sparingly amid more 'conventional' poems rather than in clusters as they require something more from the reader. But what do I know?. Given your penchant for innovative design I could imagine a surprise lay-out too!
    I admire going deep in order to find.

  3. Thanks for the compliment Jeffree! I don't know if I "find", but try my best to keep on going on my little singular path ....