Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Kit Kelen - for godsbother - theogony


every body
every part
every planet
every star

all between
the unnamed
the unknown
and the unseen

all of it
no one else invented
it all just came to be
by itself
in concert
who knows?

the only thing certain
everything came to mind
after the event

at the time
there was nothing to set down

as if some celestial cop were saying
'move along, move along
nothing to see here'


  1. To my understanding: Nothing to add, nothing to subtract, the only thing that I don’t exactly get is the title, Theogony would be the origins of gods … are you planning to make an account, a genealogic kind of tale from this poem on…?

  2. sorry ... not meaning to be difficult ... the idea is that this is the origin of the gods ... the kind of thinking from which gods come

    ... actually I think I could write a whole collection with every poem titled this way, each being another guess at where gods came from

  3. Thanks for the explanation kit, now it's clear enough!

  4. something out of place about the final stanza but it make me rethink the whole piece...

  5. This title is so provocative - I keep seeing 'The agony' - I enjoy this double take, it makes me chuckle contemplating the (lexicon) gods divining this one considering the compiling task.

  6. I am indeed trying for a hall of mirrors... I think that's where thinking about this stuff leads
    ... when so much theology and philosophy and academia generally along the lines of 'it's all sorted... nothing to see here ... move along quietly'

    I was thinking the other day that the old seventies anarchist slogan 'consume - be silent - die' could actually be used effectively for positive promotion of the new Trump style fascism