Saturday, January 7, 2017

Kerri Shying #6 - Wakefield


it was a Saturday morning somewhere   there  on crumpled sheets
 on burned car seats    in stuck down pool 

of dark red ooze

the work the stuff the next event in some
 family      story   both  

 family  stories

collide  smashed into wakening not yet the coming of the
 words the wound   the who the where the why

a long way off today the  cooling body
 sticking   gathers in the passion  coalesces  blobbing pots for dipping

into horror  pots of holding still  those places
  never will relinquish time   it will always be today


  1. great beginning and ending (as usual) but I think the plot in between is just a bit too mysterious ... just a bit too abstract

    need something to hang onto there in the way of plot
    some definite event we have an angle on... not too direct

    dark red ooze
    horror pots

    these work better the less of them there are
    ... like drugs I guess

    1. Yes, it is astute as ever, it is the draft to surround the pieces called The Murder Book so I best post them. There was a bloke found in a ute out at Wakefield this week and it resonated as always with my cousin's life sentence. So finding ways to deal with this stuff properly.