Monday, January 9, 2017

Rob Schackne Poems #1 - "This is serious"

"This is serious"

This is serious. It knocks
At places I don't usually visit
Let it in. The machinery of the brain
I go deeper into my own nature.

The rain asks me to sleep
Dreams then ask me to come
With her. We'll fly. Let it happen
I'm serious. Nature is a machine.

Daytime so different. See it
Missing the components. But
That isn't really where we'll go
Let all the good air through.

Let it happen. We let nature go
Let the rain that's so indifferent
Supersede what is missing
Wet with tears again.


  1. wondering about yr last line here, Rob

    not quite sure what job it's doing?

    then there's the art of not fitting the flow

    (ps if you post a stack in a row, you make it hard for people to keep up with you and end up with much less useful feedback/engagement than you would otherwise have i m h o)

    1. Cheers, Kit. The flow is the flow of tears; the poem was written after a friend told me that he had suddenly found himself unable to cry. Re the parenthetic: I haven't got the luxury of time, so I think I'll post several a week here. For 60 poems, that will make it about 3 months, give or take. This also allows me to keep track of which poems I feel (felt) are (were) good ones. Good and honest feedback is always welcome of course, and I'm most grateful for it - and I'm also aware that some of these poems will take a bit of time to digest. But nothing insuperable there, I hope. :)