Thursday, January 26, 2017

Béatrice Machet # 6 bis IT MEANS I CAN LOVE

same text, just another lay out 

To avenge myself/ yes/
this urge/
to get revenge /
against what was lived as the trouble with being born /
this discomfort/ like a cloth that is too small /
it tightens the armholes / it irritates/ it strips down: skin & eyes & ears & gums / it infuriates from the seams cracks till butterflies in your stomach … / oui / c’est vrai / j’ai des papillons dans le ventre and their wings twist and turn / its charming it’s pleasant in the beginning / everybody knows that/ movement generates heat and heat brings to the boil / just a question of time/ no need of being patient / it happens with absolute certainty / it’s the announcement of an overflowing / all bubbles / it’s the disadvantage of being born /
in the open air the bubbles shatter and release an avenging gas / an incensed gas / not necessarily  a laughing one/ and it ignites/ fire is a strategy / a technic/ a tradition: the scorched earth policy …. have you ever hear about it?
Except that for cinders : there is none/ nothing falling down / it goes on climbing / goes higher it’s without soot / without waste / to avenge myself yes / it’s never too late/ it makes a sad unloving story turning euphoric/ it means I can love/

                                                                                                               … yes
                                to get revenge
                                                                     I’ll sublimate myself


  1. Immediate reaction is +++ BRaVo ! I will check back in on the details later.. so far so goood.

  2. the font play is really interesting

    and I love the french and the english in the one line

    (need more french!)

    I think there's some interesting possibilities for cross-cultural dialogue when the turns are in the one line

    ... and also the idea of playing with 'what's not translation' ... I think this is very interesting for what Fei is trying to do ...

    I love the idea that new forms are being invented ... that is such an important thing to be doing!

  3. Béatrice, I just love this. I agree with Kit - new forms. Reading aloud I’m almost forced to stress the larger bolded sections - and just enough french for the rhythm, which is actually very nice too. I also really like the repetition of the word “Yes” (which makes me think of Ulysses’ Molly Bloom: "Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes”)

  4. I'm a big fan too! I like the subject matter, the phrasing, the experimentation with form, and the use of French.

  5. Thousand thanks to all of you, I'll meditate these precious comments and try to keep going on this "experimental" path ....

  6. I have read this a number of times over, I like the effect of the font manipulation, a sort of emphasis to play with, for the reader, and the poem is very attractive, the pulls and tensions, and a kind of three dimensional quality. An interesting emotional dance and conclusion to explore as well, the sublimation for revenge.