Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kit Kelen - for godsbother #5 - two poems

you won't see clouds when you're in them

we wait around to be discovered, do we?
planet on the edge of know-not-what

is there a where-we-are at all?
no, ever on the way

the ringing in
the Goldilocks ear

voice in the dark
the one mosquito

when the sun comes touching
the river here

can they see us yet?
has matter to think of itself this way?

seems like an eternity
at the time

the idea ever expanding
perhaps its universe too

the echoing

at the turn of the tune
know all these things
were in the years

always a voice
the waking comes
as if it were only mine

a voice uplifts
even sotto voce

an orchestra sawing itself off a limb
with only a violin bow
that's my beautiful civilisation

we witness
writing is always descent

the mind's a thinking up
the heart is where we find it

a story tells no tales of its telling
a song is voice now


  1. rhythm of this last line is wrong


    a song is just the voice now

    which strangely is I think what I originally had

    1. I reckon "a song is just the voice now" is a fine last line.