Sunday, January 22, 2017

Jeff Skewes #4 Signal revised

In my journey's early days I looked for a 'spark' to take the fateful step, necessary to leave my island and commence my ramblings. After trying a few things I settled on a divine intervention as motivation. 
How could I, a novice, a beginner, a boy-man launch my own 'escape'...unless by fate

Aligned to a rare cosmic gateway
an apparition, a signal
a chance celestial slipstream
coupled to novice instincts
provokes motivation and desire

patience is always tricky,
made uneasy by muted perception
releases obscure navigational
and meta-physical

now five major planets
conjure a rarer alchemy
briefly suspending mirages
abstraction, geometry 
and another kinds of purity

providence a remedy
for some,
for others it would cause

in the imagination

image: Copernicus synthetic polymer and enamel paint on insulation material & perspex on ply 45cm x 45cm  - j skewes


Draft 1.
Aligned to a rare cosmic gateway
this apparition
chance celestial slipstream
coupled its portal to relevant human instincts
motivations and desires

patience is always tricky
made uneasy by muted navigational
perceptions and obscure

now five major planets would
conjure a rare alchemy
briefly suspending the geometric mirage
for abstraction of another kind of purity
reason and purpose

providence a remedy
in the eye of the beheld
some resolve
for others it would cause activity in the imagination
and time to prepare

365+1 ' Signal'  post 6 August  2016 see  here


  1. I like the planet

    so many exo-planets being found all the time
    ... it's time we started writing about them I guess

  2. The rythm of this second version is good and the poem more pleasant to read, much better to my great satisfaction!