Thursday, January 12, 2017

Kit Kelen - for godsbother (I think) #7 - selected works of every animal

selected works of every animal

surrender to the thing
we're here
we're home

the ditto is a crazy bug
I say this just for instance

the justice of the world
is skin and in
and tooth and nail

in solitary
and on a beach
longer than any day

stuffed full of rags
to dampen the ticking
flesh it out yes

a stretch through the brightening
and that's me up
how many times wings would have done

all those in my remembrance gone
who were to me the source
of truth and style and dignity

trail through my dream
I follow you

home trails after
ever imagining

I go to such a place myself

fools won't see me

by pillow
let's go

everything takes our time

put an ear up to the wall
listen in
other worlds
other continents
all of the ages that were next door

you're talking to yourself again
wonderful that way

the drift by
this is the weather

it is all consisting

someone in me watching

I want to say
get over it
it's a beautiful day

think about something else

get over yourself

I want to say
the cure's yours to invent

I know that there are days this is true

that these are the famous last words


  1. I'm not sure if there's too much of this?
    but then sometimes that's a sign that there's not enough... i.e. that one hasn't really got going with the poem idea but that one is overly delighted with one's distractions

    Tristram Shandy -- digression is the sunshine of the text!

  2. Oh, that's very definitely godsbother! :)