Monday, January 2, 2017

Kit Kelen - godsbother #2

eternity, a word

that eternity is in us
lacks name or personality
it is a faceless thing, forgetting
there's no having been before

the rain comes, goes
in the rain-between, kookaburra
whose to call?

the bones revealed
mean just one thing

solidity and gumleaf ground
the ages see in that soil as written

all this ceasing to be
no more mysterious
than coming along

and as for thanks
bring palms towards
the raw applause

the mind's-a-blank
is going there

inward or out
the vanishing?
is there one to say?

life, the long question
not a series
because forgetting last asked

watching rain fall
after the dry
among my wonders
this most

knowing that no one is watching
how often I dance with myself
to this tune

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