Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rob Schackne Poems #6 - Ikaria


On an island they lived longest
who took tiny breaths and waited
rising and falling in the same motion
today I can't explain that with this

both rocks and bushes smell like honey
so let's please start with a garden
and with the insects they named

they lived there in simple houses
ακίνητος but didn't recognise it
lacking a classical education
and still they came with bread
(and this was very long ago now)
centenarians caring for children
flowed from warm hives like a breeze
who looked first at the state of my clothes
and then addressed my hunger.


  1. I spent some pleasant days on Ikaria about twenty years ago... all that radioactive stone on the beach was... interesting

    1. 20 years ago. Pleasant days, pleasant memories.

      Me, I've never been there. Someday I hope. I remember that I had a dream and I wrote the poem and then read an article about Ikaria. Although it could have been in a different order.

      (Radiation does nothing for longevity.)

  2. this poem sounds perfect to me .... and the Aegean islands are very dear to me! I spent a few months between Patmos and Kalymnos... I love Greece, I even thought of moving and settling there ... an old dream ... but thanks for the nice memories this poem is able to revive!

    1. I'm happy that it revived those dear memories, Béatrice. Thank you for reading. :)