Friday, January 6, 2017

Kerri Shying # 2 One hundred kinds of beautiful

One hundred kinds of beautiful

There was no more beauty than the shine on you
coming up that long hill wearing flowers

not even struggling for a minute in your heels
my heart fired  high as the top piston in the mine-head

bringing the underground car back to surface
  here at ground zero  I get to say hello

you still go faster in high heels than me with my walker
and I wish I’d brought my stick so I could hold your hand

we eat  lunch  you remind me to stick to
vegetarian  sometimes things  too new aren’t yet ground  into the quick

there’s never anyone but you   when it comes to being free
for me   I note  this small boy   he is pulled back by his mum

don’t look at that man
in the dress

I wish I could tell her

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