Saturday, January 21, 2017

Kit Kelen - for a field guide to Australian clouds #1 - this world

this world

have you heard them say
'this world'
like they can't help
but assume
there's another
or others
for better
for worse?

is it like that
for you
home where
the heart?

looking up
one can't help 'to'
and often one settles for
'heavens above'

someone has charge
or else

something could you be killing you
would you even know?

one way or another
a thing is missing here
some next of kin
the air's too close

I love the blue

do you catch yourself
in the same words like this?

between of the questions
some certainty takes
I wouldn't read much into

have you thought about living forever
are you prepared for that?

sometimes I'm already in the file
I'm still looking for

you know –
one thing and another
on this hand and that

can you feel the weight
of all skies before?

colours sunk said
rust red like Mars
the first of them

then there was
the grey carbon world
and blacker than
then colour of steam

we were a cloud
you couldn't see through

all of these this world
true as today

when it turns – hi!
are you ox at the wheel?

this one to market
and all the way home

do you stand at the mirror
as if you were met?

top of the clock
one's run up for a view

hear the wind in your heart
whose words would you say?

prayer lines the palms
gnarls knuckles too

is it ever the same breath twice
that you've caught?

this world among the others
green, blue, breathing, mine

something could you be killing you
and you wouldn't know
you just wouldn't

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