Sunday, February 26, 2017

Persona Grata #3: The Aphrodisiac Sting

The Aphrodisiac Sting

Grey on grey soft shadow
longing washed into insignificance

slides through the landscape
everywhere spoiled for beauty

the privilege of place and stolen time
salt water and mist

she curls her body in readiness
the nervous system on alert

it’s just water, love
ocean, sky, a picture of pain in muted tones

nerves don’t carry memory
that is the simple story

you can’t conjure it, it travels in cell tissue
in the backlit sting that lingers

silent as a phantom limb
ready for entry


  1. Magdalena, this is gorgeous! I would only say, I tripped over the double 'it' on the fourth from the bottom line, despite the comma, and wonder how it reads without either of them?

    1. Great suggestion, I think it’s better as you suggest. Thank you.

  2. Love it and agree with Kerri and would add that the - it's...leading staza five seems to slow fluidity.