Sunday, February 5, 2017

Jeff Skewes #5.2 Out through the In door (not to be confused with In through the out door)

Freshly faced fifteen the seventies
the labyrinth of Tokyo a visit to Babu's house
changed everything

international school Babu posse 
the twins from Maine, Whit, Nate with Leif from Norway
all greeted welcome, come in

to a home at first, you'd call normal
so Babu wore his usual cheeky smile
when his passport-noted black eyes met yours

his dad, the Nepalese diplomat
short and suited, we thought too serious
older brother played drums, we thought so cool

this household bustled, humming sometimes cacophonous
family members, office attendants, maids and drivers all
fortunately held life's daily scramble softly on their palms

Babu possessed both cause and coincidence to be happy
not least his homeland of gods and sacred mountains
cradled especially boys of easy temperament

yet this far-away home held a room so unfamiliar
it would enchant and imbue my inner world view
what might lay beyond life's magic mystery curtain

occasionally fragrant incense and fugitive bells escaped
just outside, the flickering candles and fabrics were seen consorting
Tankas and cushions summoned a strange and ageless devotion

the vista made indelible a fateful day
that caused a drunkenness
the kind Rumi would later say

a portal to an absent mystery

image: In through the out door / Oil paint on stretched canvas , 55x55 cm , 1992 jskewes

see ref #5 In through the out door here


  1. Following my #5 In through the Out door - I posted this narrative version with the similar but differnt title 'Out through the In door' . Obviously the #5 theme persisted. Some great comments (from#5) boosted my resolve to eloborate the #5 piece both in poetry and (differnt but related image) image here as #6.
    Has it, both or all got legs?

  2. which mystery presents
    must never be accounted for

    let that just be our secret