Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 10 Hush, fetch in a magician

Hush, fetch in a magician

sympathetic magic   has a bad rap   under velvet starry skirts
of Stevie Nicks   girls  with the full hair  and the sullen eyes
it’s the sign  you went cuckoo   the stamped  imprimatur
unreason     sending social scienticians  into cackleberry

conjure up the centre   for a moment in the high air of the
seashore   let the birds  hold down the corners of your
frail  limit   in the combination    those warm-hearted beaks
do not look them in the eye  adding insult to the injury of
the disturbance      hold the minute   for complete

an agreement never made a bone heal any faster than dissent
did  knowledge hidden inside small ladies sitting rocking by a fire
still add up the same       nothing grew     on the dockets of the
supermarket when the vouchers       all redeemed   got lost
in the graceful swirl of the hair and skin      those dreams your labouring
 damn mother    gave you    before  the  stone-air-bird  caw

your symphonic music     took off     into the sky      see now
 how this   the

 taking time to fetch it

a trade as moribund as cobbling   yet near to death
  has died


  1. Hi Kerri
    Loved so nany lines especially moribund as a cobbler and once I got used to your spacing it reads a gem

  2. Thanks Jeffree, I tend to write for oral reading, and this might be a bad habit. I am going to take a look a setting out, as part of my journey this year. I have a kind of NEd Kelly looking poem to post today!

  3. Wow! I'm impressed! and I really appreciate the rythm given to this poem through layout and line breaks