Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kit Kelen - Klee - for ekphrastics


taking my line
for a walk in this winter

afternoon promenade
evening passeggiata

with paint or in pencil
paddock or sea slice

all the one canvas
this page

blue as above
I'm not the only one

out and about
ant along winter met

boots for the snow
in ice a crevice set

and the colour comes

inkling of Spring
first ever!


  1. Beautifully conjures the painter’s work. I had to look up “passeggiata” - what a lovely word to use in conjunction with paint/pencil. I like the little rhyme too - just the one works well. The only thing that jars me a tiny bit is the two exclamations. I almost feel like the last line should have no punctuation at all, or maybe even have Spring as the last word - eg “inkling of first ever/Spring” which, in caps, functions almost like an exclamation without the mark.

  2. yep -- -punctuation is the perennial question over every mark

    at least we're talking about it