Friday, February 10, 2017

Kit Kelen - bower bird's --- for ataraxia

bower bird's

here, poem
good poem

sit up for me

drink the wind
heal sunlight

be a shark
rotate teeth

a good poem is allergic to must
doesn't even like being told it's

a good poem
smokes at the back of the bus

all around it there's throwing things
tickle up your skirt, a grope

knee to groin and scream
drugs – so many and various

this is the poem's ticklish adventure
makes the bells bluer

and then you forget
the future was always in us

dozy lollop of a dog goes by
good poem keeps its nerve

through footsteps coming from a bottle

it's take the roof off morning
so into the garden and sing

to hungry letterbox
in which the good poem has returned

from sojurn among philistines
welcome to my bower, Blue

there are some poems day heals over
the good poem will be a scar

time won't ever heal


  1. Beautifully disruptive, even if it doesn't like being told so...:)

  2. not really sure if this is for ataraxia ... but there ought to be some kind of disruption there

  3. I love the conclusion, the tone, the pace, the poem as it unfolds and flows, but yes, as you mention Kit, I don't see the link with ataraxia... only the word bowel would suggest an invitation to inaction...

  4. actually it was more about the idea of the letterbox being something at the end of the garden ... at the border between the garden and the world

  5. Ars poetica. You could probably start any book with it. Maybe just one “good poem” too many?

  6. Replies
    1. Maybe just the one after "to hungry letterbox”? Maybe just relate “the good poem” with “it”? I know that the repetition of good poem is the thrust of the piece, but the last use is so dramatic, I feel it needs more of a pause before it hits us again after the power of “keeps its nerve”.