Sunday, February 26, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 13 - it ends you know

it ends you know

there is just one more day of life to follow on this road
one sun one moon one meal to gnaw to gulp to wash and scrape

and moan about  to all   who cross my smallish sticky path
not so much a glider anymore   I drag myself   the sled pushed

forward packed with chattels  of the prophylactic kind  no more
of that  tomorrow      rest     that finished product  everyone is after

all day every day
will come


  1. chattels of the prophylactic kind ----
    that's a title!
    (or a way of life)
    could be a custodial sentence

    1. some days, it seems that way eh. You do know when I pack my suitcase the night braces take up more space than the clothing!

  2. I think you superbly nailed this Kerri – a real little beauty thank you (:

    1. Thanks Jeffree, I am coming up on a manuscript deadline and I felt it was done, but I am at that point where you tinker. xx