Monday, February 27, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 14 - Know your country

Know your country

deep roots   fend off heat   those fires that fling themselves    cross treetop
to treetop  never pause to gloat on ground obtained below    the

wild hot teeth of fame     see  not one finger put   upon the  dark black
soil    my encrusting solid  cake of bitter years and fine spring days both   worn

to nubs   to wormy flub  for nothing   but this  now this   hate this   conflagration
calling birds to fly or die   nothing on four legs  will stand  me    and my

sly rhizome    fat tuber dull and heavy arsed      I’m plenty
I am planting for the green tomorrow    

deep roots    manured      surpassing tree


  1. that's a pretty good book title I think
    you can hold a lot in that little bag

  2. I am thinking the same you know, it seems to be a root thought for me.