Monday, February 6, 2017

Kit Kelen - for godbother or the philosophy of table tennis - how much weight can you actually carry?

how much can you actually carry?

a childhood will be indispensable
and some are feather-light
others weigh like a nightmare, Marx said

Jesus was all jaw too

Lao-Tzu, on the other hand
you wouldn't get a squeak from
had to make him write it all down

Buddha, as you know, just sat
(the one sesame seed, the one grain of rice
you won't get far on that)

just how much can you take though?
there's the road itself
and secret to
all of the weight of the map

there's also the far far better thing
the heavens above
the favourite and the 100 to 1

Buckley's is a mug's game
martyrs must give a stoic impression

it's all in the job description

each of the skies up until now?
better to bear with the past or the future?
not everyone has a choice


  1. just to let non-Australians know about the Buckley reference

    a mug's game is something pointless
    as is Buckley's chance but not quite

    for Buckley please see


    both pretty interesting stories!

  2. This one resonates the living of/in the present.
    How much weight / how much wait? a play of these comes to mind.
    (a mugs game and Buckley's chance are a neat division to this conundrum)
    I tip toward philosophy of table tennis, yet with all these heavy hitters god must be nearby.

  3. spin and bounce, yeah! let's play life itself!!