Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kit Kelen - for godsbother - blame the unborn

blame the unborn
(exercise in Old Testament logic)

the future is their curse
we're going to hell in a handbasket
we won't be back again

blame the unborn
it doesn't matter what we do
they will curse us anyway

you can almost hear them
scratching at the wall
they want in
want a piece of the action

I blame them
for the sins of the fathers

let them be a warning to us
they can wipe that smile
off of the dial

the world will end
this world and all
and it will be on their watch
I blame them

they brought this on themselves


  1. unstoppable logic! With many, more or less, "absurd" implications ... Is your aim to develop this thread or not? I don't think it's exactly needed but could be "funny"!

  2. hmmm
    ... thinking

    an old testament logic series

  3. I found this one easier to sing and good fun. Some nice choruses here too.
    What about a series for singing poems many of ypur more singular (no pun) pieces could find a home in such a category... esp as you Kit of the multi catagories?

  4. please let me know the tiune and/or chords Jeffree


  5. Ok I am notation illiterate (but that never stopped me owning and dabbling with instruments anyway)
    So all I offer thee is at this point is ...'the vibe' and I hope it's not a shock but here goes – Joni Michell
    And when look into my cassette tape archive I will glean the tune(s) and send soon.

  6. Yes it's Joni Mitchell, the Circle Game.
    And her slightly jazzy work (70's) that seem to improvise word/music.
    Hope that helps.