Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Magdalena Ball - Aqua Dragons #2: The Transit Technique

The Transit Technique

the amount of light lost
through transit

motion as a state of permanence
elsewhere, en route

in the effort of becoming 
losing time

twisted into a helical shape
by the singularity 
and how I lost you
not lost as in past tense
losing as continuum

this is what we’ve looked for
the whole of our lives

on the back porch
eyes heavenward
wanting always
a little more
face frozen in rictusas if something were missing

the small temporal drop
in the star’s brightness
the eclipse

you know it’s there
it must be

it’s too late for us
of course

ask the fish, the phytoplankton
the trees
the few species left
will tell the truth

but a comfort nonetheless
to know that somewhere
a light is pulsing


  1. we must take these comforts where we find them
    ... fortunately they're everywhere you look!

  2. This transiting business intrigues. Could light be (environmentally) traded like carbon.