Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Béatrice Machet # 13 for the Something Series

# 13         For the something series 

Fire in their bellies

        to connect with a swallowed universe 

                             stars to look up     to look down to look

                                                                                                   all around


                          you want them burning for billions of years 

                               and it’s not hell and it’s not paradise

                     it’s a love mutation  through inconsolable hunger

                                               something  spilt something 

           that would have split me open

                                something raw to be roasted 

                                   something matured and ripened

                                               a fruit of some sort 

                                                 a hollowed  flesh 

                                            a new born loving start

                                        a slanting light racing across


                                         driven mad
                                                              moon oriented


                                   everlasting fire 

                     in their immortal


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