Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Kit Kelen - for godsbother - for things and persons that aren't

for things and persons that aren't

what imperfection angels are
how image marred, effete
heavy with duty
and laying on trowel
make folly faith

shone through with goodness
odd vanishings
and speak
and have the book by heart

from heavens above
to souls received

when they fall
dark loves are not requited
it's with no thought of God at all

but simple human yearning
to be insect, to be bird
diaphanous as fate


  1. Like this bothering up to no 'thought of God at all...'
    Not so much the last stanza although its final line intrigues.

  2. oh well ...
    you can't always get what you want
    but if you try sometimes
    you just might find...