Thursday, March 2, 2017

Béatrice Machet # 12 After ... Series- (G.Stein)

Back from a first trip and ready for another one .... in France it's the Poets' Spring .... Sorry for my lack of avaibility .... but I keep writing and working and  still enjoying reading you!

# 12  After G.Stein series    

inspired by G.Stein’s History or Messages from History

       She wants to read it.
                      Usage. You-sage. Use-age.
                                 Does need give a great deal 
                                 of pleasure?
                                                    Are they embryonic arguments at 
                                                    the crosswords of the right sight 
                                                    and the left one?
                                                     Germs of contradictory ideas that 
                                         create an image you cannot 
                                                  consider as the result of reading?
                                          Is variety inscribed in 
         Are they seasons in eyes ‘life able
         to   sustain weathereadings … ?
                                                            Changes that letters are not 
                                                            responsible for & not aware 
                                                                                                 of …?
                                     Sometimes you get mild showers of 
                                           words sometimes drought of 
                                          meaning sometimes cloudy 
                          understanding sometimes brilliant 
                          frozen snow of letters on witch 
                          your eyes ski ...
                                                    a great deal of pleasure answering 
                                                                            any question above.

                     You-sage comes to the conclusion
                     that no-regret is a rule while 
                     heading to You-seless but memory 
                     remembers easily
                                                 So you see rows of whys queuing. 
                                                 Lines welcoming all these migratory 
                                                 birds applying for a journey in eyes.
                                                                                                           ... read it


  1. Lovely, Béatrice. When I read Stein, and I often read Stein (mostly Tender Buttons - a very long, slow reading project for me), I never quite understand intellectually what I’m reading, but it always unleashes a lot of writing--as if my body were responding viscerally. I haven’t read History or Messages from History though and I now want to. I think you capture something essentially Steinian here, but also create a standalone piece that is a kind of Ars Poetica of your own. I not only like it semantically and sonically, but also the way it’s laid out on the page with its forward and backward motions (like strophe/antistrophe).

  2. I love the rythmn here. To me it's stop-start staccato appears like a road junction - at every line never knowing what is coming in from the left, above, below or reflection back on the right margin and.. bewildered.
    This line design is better than clever! It throws spanners and disrupts the flow enough to associate multiple phrasing and meanings. You know I like it. Inspired!