Friday, March 3, 2017

Chrysogonus Siddha #9 - Pangkur

~ ninth song ~

after the last headstone
fell down in this graveyard
to give way for a mosque

my father’s eyes looking at
an empty hole, a sealed coffin
or what was supposed to be

final bed for my brother
twelve years after the burial
his shirt was still half-intact

like he had prepared
second burial for himself
as if the first one was not difficult enough 


  1. This is the ninth entry in the 'Song Cycle' project. I am still afraid of my word choice and diction here. Does it work both as part of the series and on its own?

  2. Yes - it works - both as part of the series and on its own. And it seems finished and perfect to me, Chrys. Are you planning to publish in both English and Indonesian?

  3. I like your sobriety and it's needed here. As magdalena did, I would answer yes to your two questions, Chrys.