Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Aqua Dragons #1: Lakes of Titan

This is a new section devoted to astro-poetry.  This first poem is from 365+1 (though changed somewhat)

The Lakes of Titan

you could travel through any spacetime
liquid methane sliding against the body

swimming hard as you can, ragged of breath
oceans divided by invisible lines

suppressed rage powering motion
lightning charging the water not water

these demarcations cut us in two
the moment you get stride

a shadow appears, just briefly
terrestrial, a ghost at the mirror

it’s you, reflected sunlight from the surface
your chosen lake, abundantly unstable

look at anything closely enough and it abstracts
the whole dissolving into parts

parts becoming whole
Saturn above like a fake sun

the mirrored self, elsewhere pretending
the only life we know


  1. I enjoyed this poem a lot and I’m looking forward to reading other astro-poems. It’s a nice reflection and thought about what life is, or might be, and it’s striking that our human consciousness (to my understanding the shadow of your poem) cannot but take on this topic—life—which doesn’t need thinking about itself to keep going on and on and on!! And we only have this poor noun-name and blurred concept we call life, not only knowing if it’s a real entity as such for the cosmos… just a different and complex way of manifesting the matter-energy fact and the impermanence principle … such a vertigo to cope with!!

  2. I'm going with the life is real theory,
    whatever else is,
    and however inadequate words may be
    - life's the matter and energy that I most admire

  3. Smooth and jazz like this smoky astro vision. +++ *