Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jeff Skewes #11 Oblique Strategy

one by one feet's chorus
on newfound shores
stranded luck landed 
an uneasy welcome

from now on it would be clear
a stranger in a strange land
who walks on
without fear?

a lost son pricked 
the moon to believing 
the dreams of ubiety
lay beyond rhyming

summer's vanished
shelter from the storm
merely a type of poetry
would not be the last

an eye-shot 
not a miracle 
but Eden's path 

endless wildnesses
caves streams deserts 
mountains tree branches
heart beats 

taken without fear
a strategy oblique
sweet smell's
never lost

image:  Oblique strategies 2. / oil paint on insulation material on ply panels / 48 x 48 cm /  jskewes

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