Saturday, March 18, 2017

Kit Kelen - ekphrastics - Appel's cat - 1951

Appel's cat – 1951

confused about colour
it is all cats and none
it is a vanishing
and an amazement
I believe that you
know these eyes

the tail is wired
the cat wears a skulled cap
what are its whiskers?
who dares say?

cat of all other colours
the yellow is a feigning

while your empathic sigh's still strong
the two claws shown
delicate as painted nails
have your heart to shreds

an amusement cat, you'll say
card carrying party feline
cat for the Rosenbergs
to hold through the trial
and later in the chair

dead and alive
whose cat is that?

a Munch cat
and Möbius
turns in the circle it is
for which silence

all this while you rub up
arch, shake
slink by 



  1. A wonderful ode and humorous - speechless yet so rich for more.