Saturday, April 22, 2017

Béatrice Machet # 20 After Series ... (G.STEIN)

# 20  After .. (G.STEIN)... Series                  ...

Can we envision some                   self-consciousness for abstract concepts such as …. ___________  
                                                        self-control for letters such as  …._________________________


Jolted awake                                      H               by scary tactics
as if lightening stared down                   I            to your face
itching felt on the lids                           R
               and soon the thought of   a n Y t h I n g         is erased

H  ow to deflect emotional responses

I  f nobody can afford a breakdown

                           aS   nobody want to sink into deep scars
     O  f memory
                     and  blathering on and on
                          aR  e
    Y  ou fooling yourself

     having been part of it            or not           we had been mostly troublesome


Peut-on envisager             une conscience de soi dont seraient dotés les concepts tels que…_______   
                                           du self-control dont seraient dotées les lettres telles que ...____________                                                              

Réveillé en sursaut                                H                 par d’effrayantes tactiques
comme si la foudre tombait droit                I            sur votre visage
                                                               al O rs
démangeaison des paupières                      I
                   et vite n’importe quelle pensé E   est effacée 

      H  comment dévier les réponses émotionnelles
    s I  personne ne peut se permettre une depression
                        alorS   que personne ne veut sombrer dans une
                        cicaT rice profonde
                  de mémo
                               I re
                et déblatéR ant encore et encore
                        arrivE z-vous à vous tromper vous-même

                  en y ayant pris part  ou pas                     nous avons été avant tout pénibles


  1. Your work (here) Béatrice is very intriguing ... I approach it from many directions like a puzzle of many parts, ideas and possible readings it seems so very cubist and thus also not 'easy' yet this is done with an admirable fresh quality. Who needs easy?
    This unfolds like a device and apart from a possible grammatical misstep at "nobody want to sink into deep scars" (ie maybe 'nobody wants to sink...) It works.
    I think GS was difficult too, and a really very fine blatherer to boot! more please!

  2. Thanks Jeffrey, I agree, it's not exactly "easy", I just try to challenge myself and Stein's spirit so as to be able to be worth her idea of "history"! I follow my momentum between rising questions(even philosophical ones) on a rational level, mixed with a flow of consciousness the more possible unconscious !!