Monday, April 10, 2017

Béatrice Machet # 19 (for the after ... series)

Hi everybody and everyone ... again back from a poetry trip, sorry for my lack of comments on your poems which I just discover now, let me settle and calm down a little bit and I'll be back soon....

Here is a picture of my screen ... I found no other way to show you the layout of this new poem ...

 #  19     After … Series                    inspired by G.Stein’s History or Messages from History      


and here is the text

                                               I must write this so as to see it to believe it



the way he

spelled as if gues-

sing an ethos far beyond

his genealogy god king coun-

try heritage though itage was not

his mother’s chosen Czech vocabulary

Hi story! how do you do! Once upon

and for all times dis-

connect fate

from fame

so that I



                                     Have it all his and tory and greetings and story


  1. Your words on the page seem like tides flowing in and out, like an aerial view of a beach (tides) and wonderfully deconstructed and reassembled to reveal gems of 'another' intelligence. Oh and humorous too... Hi story ! ;)

  2. I really love the concrete nature of the work and agree with Jeffree - it flows visually which works perfectly with the words and their lovely Steinein deconstruction.