Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Aqua Dragons #3: Time Dilation (Dojo St Mark’s)

On the night after you left
I found I was able to time travel

a free falling particle crashing
through an Einstein–Rosen bridge
opened in the void of your departure

I wormed my way to Dojo, St Mark’s Place
where I woke from a long, hard night
falling out of gravitational collapse
under the awning
the scent of buckwheat and ginger
wafting onto the street

the line for entry grew long
like insatiable hunger
a past pressing against the lips as wind, age
light in a box
the certainty of repetition
brownstones became redstones
footsteps on cobblestones
in the East Village of my mind
and this was no restaurant

I walked and walked
but got no closer to sustenance

wherever I was going at this hour
curving in arbitrarily negative self-intersection
had to be alone
a destination increasingly vague

the air turned to grey ice
people who filled the streets faded into clouds
while I continued to walk backwards through time
eyes bleeding with longing and the flash of orange neon
against a dark brick facade

even in that light it was clear
I would never reach dinner
or feel at home again
in this closed curve of distance
warped to obsolescence
returning from the future
on a shore of time

where I no longer belonged.


  1. I really like time travel ideas and themes so your Time Dilatation is a fascinating journey. I was left nicely disorientated - giddy and not sure which was forward or back again. It's a very visual poem Magdalena -the most'earthy'of the your AD series, yet very astro-cosmic. :)

  2. astro-cosmic or "astro-comics", it all depends on the mood when you're reading this amazing poem! I agree with Jeffree, this poem is very visual and I already can imagine the special-visual effects a director would command in order to shot the different scenes of this kaleidoscopic journey!