Saturday, April 8, 2017

Kit Kelen - ekphrastic - Juan José Gárate Claveros' 'Banquete Interrupido'

Juan José Gárate Claveros' 'Banquete Interrupido'

is it a good day
for the bull
who interrupts the banquet?

dark figure
tail up
all horns out of sunlight

scatters a trestle for fruit
a still life

under the table
or leapt on top

what stockings, lace!
cinnabar velveteen
so little disarrayed
this haberdasher's catalogue

ears covered
so there's just the image
wigs and hats and furniture
calories burnt off with stress
every hand expressive
to show how hands are drawn

evil eye over the doorway
Madonna for calm
in her dark niche above
stone impassive
as the bull is ancient

what pleasure in this stillness!
in the moment

none of us
know what we do 

         in the Museo Carmen Thyssen in Malaga

1 comment:

  1. Ole such bravocity ... The theatre of it all and human condition a study.
    Lace and hands as you say to show how draw....super :)
    This rambunctious hilarious and frightful fleeting interruption you so well have convey here.
    Gotta love the guy with the small bench - our hero? Love the finale Kit.