Sunday, April 9, 2017

Jeff Skewes # 12 Circle

There's only one end to a circle

though you may think that's incorrect
because this everyday phenomenon appears complete
in its own geometry of side-less perpetual momentum

roundly just going about constantly shaping
the business of being fully formed and whole
the circle seems independently free
no need to join the squares over there

at no point in the circle is a straight line to be seen
every atom every molecule stacked and fitted repeatedly
curving at every dot no two ever go the same direction
making clean this constantly turning structure

without corners beginnings and seemingly no end
history becomes an unwavering process
unlike rain that comes and goes
this thing just goes on and on like a roll

yet if considered well its reflection
tells another story a way to see this cycle
is to draw it out and when you stop

its end's uncovered

image: Unending - ink on paper jskewes


  1. no end to circles as far as I'm concerned
    I kind of thought that was the point

    I think of stopping as falling off the roundabout
    going under the juggernaut
    exploding with your star

  2. a wheel, on the other hand, might be bespoke

  3. As always, I love the image and the poem and how they connect. The only thing I’m not so fond of is “over there” in the second stanza which takes me out of the scene (which is “here").

    1. Yes Magdalena ... so true regarding over there!
      I have just the remedy in mind thank you!

  4. The rolling movement is very well rendered and I almost felt dizzy when leaving the poem not really knowing if i found the end of the circle! I wonder: was the drawing the source of the poem? or the other way around?