Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 22Time that bastard learned

Time that bastard learned           

in his Harry High pants   corduroys             creaking
in cicada throats             coming up the hall      I see
a clipboard              doesn’t mean it’s there              you can bet
my bottom dollar a thing that’s shiny from being


 he puts his hand right on the bright orange cap
of a one ml fit             holds it up and says
so we’ll be needing to wear our high-risk gear in here, will we?
  and I will stammer out the truth that
  some dude or other left it there

but it may just as well
 be mine and I wish
I had the needle

just to stab him or to stitch him
into the root of righteousness

from this second
right up to eternity so he can’t
wriggle out

I knew this lady
her husband gave her a smack or two
when drunk            she waited
got the sewing kit              and sewed she stitched
him into bed             right through the sheets the mattress

a giant naïve dollie              and when he woke they were all
there            all the women            laughing
you’ve all got to sleep    sometime

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  1. Kerry this one got through first time, got me smiling the second and by third read I was clearly seeing the bastard under undercurrents. Provocative and funny.