Friday, December 30, 2016

Rachael Mead's plan for Project 52

This year will see my primary creative focus move away from poetry to short fiction.  Since I'm no stranger to lengthy fallow periods, I've been worried that the switch to prose will mean that I stop writing poetry altogether while I finish the first draft of my short story collection.  Committing to Project 52 and writing a poem a week will be my means of ensuring I don't drop my poetry practice while being creatively focussed elsewhere.

Themes? Just an attempt to branch out and explore means of poetic expression without always looking through an ecological lens. Who am I kidding? There will be ecopoems. If I become stuck (when not if, I suspect) I'm intending to use Jordie Albiston's The Weekly Poem for inspiration.

I'm not expecting much - all I want to achieve this year is a disciplined poetic practice.  Hopefully, the commitment to producing a poem a week will keep me observing the world with a poetic eye and sustaining this gaze will benefit all my creative work in 2017.

I'm very much looking forward to reading everyone's work. Good luck!  


  1. This looks like a good plan.Can you please provide a link to Jordie's The Weekly Poem, please? I am a big fan of her work.

  2. Thanks Myron. The Weekly Poem is a book published by Puncher & Wattman - here's the link.