Thursday, December 29, 2016

Magdalena Ball plan for Project 52

I have a new book coming out in Jan (Unmaking Atoms, through Ginninderra Press), but the idea of pressing forward with new writing is very appealing and takes a lot of the pressure off promotion.  Through the last 3 months of 2016 I’ve written about half a new manuscript (some of which took place on Project 365+1), and I’d like to continue producing new material to develop the second half of the book as well as tidying up/ revising the existing material into a series of themes (chapters) in readiness for submission.  I’m hoping to weave through the work some characters and settings that repeat and change throughout the poems so there’s an overarching theme to the book that unites all of the poems (not quite sure what that is yet though).  I really also like the idea of developing an ancillary performance series from that material - maybe some musical/spoken word recordings with visuals for YouTube or travelling performance/exhibition if I can find a willing artist to work with.

All this is off-the-cuff so the plan may evolved and change, but here are a few rough themes (none completely distinct):

- Memoir poems
- Astropoems (maybe some sci fi too - not sure if that’s a separate theme)
- Apocalypse poems
- Eco poems
- Response poems (poems to other poems, ekphrastic, redaction, current events, etc - some of this might derive from the Conversations project)
- poems about death and all his friends

I’m very open to collaboration or ideas so anyone who wants to play or break a few moulds, please don’t hesitate to hit me up.  I’m open to feedback of any kind - in any form - all welcome.  Thank you!

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