Friday, May 5, 2017

future of Project 52

a quick question

How would people feel about folding Project 52 back into Project 366 (or 365+1)?

I ask because there is more activity there and the two combined might have more critical mass.

Sorry to break the blog flow with a question like this, but it might be the right time to ask, given how slow things have been of late.


  1. I’m good with that. It has been slow here and everyone is so very busy that consolidating makes sense. I’m sure we’ll all continue with our book projects either way.

  2. It's fine by me providing you don't ask me to post a poem each day! Though as Magdalena points out, I'm still working on my bilingual book project.

  3. no, no -- I don't think people need to post daily...

    in fact Project 366 has become quite sporadic for some participants, which I think is fine ... it's just that Project 52 has become perhaps a little too sporadic of late!

  4. That's fine with me. I've been quiet due to a death in the family, a ridiculously busy semester, and two trips to Australia this month. Now I'm at Booranga and plan to post and comment more often.

  5. I prefer 52 but solo here isn't what I'd hoped so.... c'est la vie