Friday, May 5, 2017

Béatrice Machet #21 for the SOMETHING series

# 21                  for the SOMETHING series

No music                                                            that could be uttered

following a melody                                                 cannot be spoken

and to vocalize                                        is right away to leave word 

though in any case                                               SOMETHING like 

a deflagration                                                                  phenomenon

so every sound barrier                                            or walls of silence
fissured by the wake                                                      then the trace 
the trajectory from which converges                                or diverges

a promise of welcome or                                                     of escape

the width of forgetting                              the depth of remembrance

faithfulness                     between dread                         and wonder 

the balance for a while on                                  the flight of delight

something                   turned into                     the sliding function 

Aucune musique                                    qui ne puisse être prononcée

suivre une mélodie                                                      ne se parle pas
et vocaliser c’est                                                        quitter la parole

bien que dans tous les cas                   QUELQUE CHOSE comme

un phénomène de                                                            déflagration

et tous les murs de sons                                                 ou de silence 

lézardés par le sillage                                                      puis la trace

le trajet d’où converge ou bien                                               diverge

promesse d’accueil                                                             ou de fuite

l’épaisseur de l’oubli                                 la profondeur du souvenir

la fidélité                    entre l’effroi et                      l’émerveillement 
l’équilibre un temps sur le                                    vol du ravissement

quelque chose              devenu                  la fonction du glissement


  1. Structurally, I found this poem to be very powerful - causing my mind to stutter in the gaps and see the two halves left to right as working in conjunction with one another - strophe/antistrophe or a kind of call and response that keeps pushing me towards synthesis in the two sections that have middles.

  2. Superb piece Béatrice !
    Masterful construction and so wonderfully insightful and composed and as such - drives itself.
    I really like this one :)

  3. Thank you so much to you both, I'm so busy these times that sometimes I feel drained out so it's good to read your comments and somewhat it gives me courage for continuing! you are my best allies!