Saturday, April 22, 2017

Kit Kelen - an attitude of waiters

an attitude of waiters

eyes down
won't see you
though it's only moments
since they pounced
so that you're seated now
and now it is the season

let's have them stiff starched
creased to bow
tuned to any tongue

their world is pigeon swift
yet priestly, they will stand like herons
have had the special training
they are, collectively, an attitude
and know each other's signs

once of the kingdom
it is we seek their attention
this is as pointless as prayer

patience! are we virtuous?
sometimes we wave
the scripture at them
kitchen will have
none of that
even the specials run out

clock slogs
appetite makes monsters
it will pauperise the soul

cook knows
how much condiment

even to pay
may be a struggle
it matters little
how much silver
you leave for them
on the plate

in heaven
an attitude attends
they have crowded to your whim
obsequious of any peep
no greater delight in their station but serve
tips? this host would be offended
if they could be amused
of course you are already fed
nor will the savour ever lessen

so they take orders
just for form
a flock of them
breath baited to guess
as in The Gay Divorcee
having lived forever in so small a world
come to a cup of tea

here on earth
my model's Charlie Chaplin
with his two great buffet trays
and absolutely no intention to pay

cigar for after
that's the style
and let the world cough up


  1. The thought of heaven, waiters and pigeons wets the whistle - so filmic.

  2. I agree with Jeffree - so visual - and black and white it seems. I think you could do a whole series built around collective nouns.

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  4. interesting idea
    ... the collective nouns series

    but maybe I could combine with the village idiots?